Sunday, April 18, 2010

Copen"haven" for Foodies!

I had heard a great deal about Danish pastry, but being vegetarian, I was slightly worried about whether I would have main dishes to eat as Scandinavian cuisine is known to include lots of meat and seafood.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are so many eateries that offer great vegetarian food. Not the usual mundane green salad that most other European cities offer vegetarians. I was really happy to see that the Danes are very creative in the vegetarian department, and I ate so much (mostly pastry though!) that I came back to work with a much rounder face and tummy!

I shall let the photos speak for themselves...

The Lagkagehuset Bakery is located in different parts of the city, but the one I went to for my first breakfast in Copenhagen is right next to the Visitor Centre, opposite the train station. It was a great introduction to Danish pastry as I got to try the famous vanilla-cinnamon twist and also loved the carrot bun they had there!

I read in my guidebook that there was a vegetarian chain of restaurants called Riz Raz. This restaurant. So, I definitely wanted to check it out. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and offered a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Considering that Copenhagen has so many immigrants, it is no surprise to find restaurants offering dishes from different regions. Riz Raz was good, and I had a very filling meal!

I mentioned previously that Danes spend a lot of time indoors, and one of the nicest places I have ever been to is Cafe Norden. This restaurant/cafe is massive in size and offers a variety of desserts where every one of them looks so mouthwatering that it is hard to choose from. So, I made more than one visit to this place. I loved it!!! The pastry, hot chocolate and interior decor were wonderful. Also, the staff were very helpful in explaining the ingredients of the desserts and helped a great deal in making my choices!

The Drømmekage (Danish Dream Cake) stays true to its name. With its mix of grated coconut, vanilla and brown sugar, it made me feel like I was in heaven. A must try!

On my second visit, I tried the Danish layer cake and some hot chocolate with some homemade biscuits to go along with it. Along with the hot chocolate I had at Pain et Chocolat in Paris, this also scored very high on my list! Pure chocolate!

As I walked past the train station, I noticed Andersen Bakery that had a very nice decor, with lots of space. I decided to have brunch there and of course, have more pastry!

I had a great tofu/pickled vegetables burger with homemade pesto dressing, and it was fabulous. Then, I had some fantastic almond cakes which I just could not stopping popping into my mouth. Those of you who love galette des rois, would certainly find this hard to resist!

The service at this bakery was not great though. It was understaffed and so, the waiters were just rushing to get orders in, etc. The only place in Denmark that I did not find so friendly.

Align Center

Before heading to the airport, I had some time to kill, so of course, I headed to another cafe to chill (wow, that rhymes!). I loved the modern decor of Kop Amok! David had some vanilla tea, and really enjoyed it!

And at the airport, I saw Yam Yam and had this crazy urge to have Asian food. The setting and the aroma from this eatery were so tempting that although I was not that hungry, I just felt I couldn't leave Denmark without eating there. So I had saffron rice and vegetable kurma. Very nice. I couldn't finish everything though, but David happily finished it all off!

And to finish off this entry on a sweet note, I brought home my favorite dessert from Copenhagen. This chocolate-pistachio cake. One of the best desserts I have ever had in my life! The photo says it all!

So, as you can see, I had a great time in Copenhagen. It was a nice getaway from my normal routine, and was my first contact with the Scandinavian region and culture. Visiting this city has made me want to discover more of Scandinavia, and I would recommend it to those in Europe who are looking to chill and relax from their busy work lives! Till my next entry, here's my viking goodbye:)!


banoo said...

yammy yammy! My mouth is watering....very good narration and both of you look so sweet like pastries & cakes! no doubt you have taken the pictures and all are beautiful!

DVD said...

Miammmmmm... This looks so good... I want some !!!


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