Monday, July 11, 2011

A Polish Encounter

Poland has been one of the countries I wanted to visit for a long time and a few months back, I was finally able to make a trip there. Poland is not the typical relax and feel good type destination mainly because of its history. The country was greatly affected by the Nazi occupation and suffered many losses. Poland also has a history of communism and has produced great religious leaders such as Pope John Paul II and renowned musicians such as Frederick Chopin. During my history classes in high school, I was drawn into Poland's unique history and culture and am glad I got to get a glimpse of it!

We flew into Warsaw with Poland's national airline, LOT, which provided good service. We spent the night in Warsaw to sleep and left for Krakow by train early next morning. The journey lasted about 3 hours and was very comfortable.

Upon our arrival in Poland's historical city, we made our way to our rented studio. Perfectly located in the heart of the old town and close to the Rynek Główny, this studio is probably the nicest one I have stayed in. So tastefully decorated as you can see for yourself!

After checking in, we immediately set out to explore the old town. Most of the main sites are in the old town and the best way to explore these is just by walking around the cobble-stoned streets. I loved the architecture of the buildings and was very amused by this statue!

We roamed around the old town and couldn't stop taking photos as everything was just so pretty!

It looked like the locals are very proud of Chopin's world renowned music and have pianos scattered around!

I loved this wall full of colorful paintings by the talented locals!

Anything traditional catches my eye and so I was thrilled to see this Polish lady in her traditional clothes! Such a rare sight in Europe these days!

We went into St Mary's Basilica and the interiors were so beautifully decorated in bright colors.

We then visited Krakow's most visited attraction, the Wawel Castle.

Finally, the beautiful city by night. Looked truly magical!

After this brief introduction to Krakow, I'll write about different aspects of the city in my upcoming posts! Keep reading!


banoo said...

very lovely photos and the lady looks like a doll! Nice ...

Sriram said...

Nice apartment mixing old and new style ! And Chopin, still remember the music in the Pianist ! Ah Poland…


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